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Customer Engagement

Many companies have failed because they did not understand the art and science of marketing. It isn’t enough to just deliver a good product or competent service. You want the customer to feel personally connected to your brand, and these five tips are meant to help you do exactly that.



Customers hate automated systems and scripted answers. It makes them feel as if they are dealing with a machine. According to Universal Class, you should make sure that your staff knows that they are to interact with customers in a friendly and personable way. Make them feel as if they are talking to an old friend. This is essential so that the customer feels that they matter to you.

Of course, there is such a thing as being too friendly. For instance, you wouldn’t tell a customer about your uncle’s liver surgery because they do not care. They have no reason to care, so don’t expect that. Keep it friendly and engaging, but avoid getting too personal. Don’t waste the whole day talking to one customer, either.


If the customer has any kind of issue, they need to feel that they can contact your company and have their issue resolved with little trouble. This means that there should be more than one way for the customer to contact your company.

Obviously, a customer support line is a good way to go, and every business should have an email address, but business text messaging is probably the best. According to Podium, nearly 90 percent of consumers would prefer to engage with businesses via a messaging app, with half of consumers wanting to do so via SMS text messaging. The problem is only 48 percent of businesses are equipped to message with customers.


Social media has become the equivalent of the public forum. It is a public space, much like the busy marketplaces and shopping malls that may be more familiar to you. As such, any good company should try to be represented on various social media.

The last thing you want to do on social media is to just spam your advertisements all over the place. Nobody likes that, people tend to ignore it, and it can be illegal. In fact, that may reduce your chances of getting business because people find it obnoxious. Instead, keep it light and fun. You can talk about your products and services but don’t use “salesman-talk.” Address the public like a normal person. Crack jokes and be funny, but try to avoid offensive humor.


Regardless of what position they hold in the company, all your employees should know that helping the customer always takes precedence. Since your goal is to create a higher level of customer engagement, you must show the customer that their satisfaction is important to you. Investing time and resources in training will enable your team to engage with customers and make sales. The more you do to empower your employees in helping customers, the happier your customer base will be.

Additionally, if your business involves sending people a bill rather than charging them at the time of services rendered, it is very important to give people some leniency. According to Brightwheel, this is especially true in fluid businesses like childcare. It’s important to find the right balance of being able to help people but not be overwhelming or under performing. No one likes dealing with a company that refuses to cut them any slack. However, many people will feel grateful when leniency is shown towards them, and will be more likely to continue doing business with you.


Another interesting way to get your customers involved is to host some sort of event at one of your company’s locations. It doesn’t really matter what sort of event you sponsor, as long as it is appropriate for your particular audience. According to Free Logo Services, events are wonderful opportunities to raise brand awareness and boost brand visibility, create environments for lead generation, improve community goodwill, and can help you learn more about your customers.

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which you can involve the customer more directly. By doing this, you help the customer to think of your brand as being “their brand.” Customer loyalty, once established, tends to remain pretty steady. This is driven not so much by pure loyalty but is rather the simple result of people sticking with companies that have served them well in the past.


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