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Truth be told, switching from one provider to another is not always as easy as it seems even when the companies you are moving to and from are both friendly and helpful. This process becomes way more cumbersome when the company you are exiting is doing everything to stop you from leaving. A GREAT example of such a company is Yellow Pages which has earned its reputation as one of the most difficult of such companies to leave.

Transferring from Yellow Pages (YP.com) is similar to other transfers, as it follows the same steps as other transfers. However, the steps are much more difficult to perform. These steps are:

  • Get back the control of your domain
  • Find a new website host
  • Set up your website in the host, new or recovered from Yellow Pages
  • Relocate your domain
We work with a wide variety of businesses looking to transfer away from YP. All you have to do is give us a call at (904) 472-1727, and we can help you through the process.

For anyone looking to undertake the task themselves they can follow the guide below. Be warned: These steps, as easy as they look, may prove to be very difficult if the appropriate methods are not strictly followed.

We will discuss each of the steps in detail below, using moving to our company as an example:


When your domain registration is checked, you will notice that from the moment you transferred to Yellow Pages, your domain registration email was changed. This is rather inappropriate as it puts them is control of your domain. They (Yellow Pages) often keep coming up with excuses as to why they cannot provide you with the requested changes or code.

The first and most important step is to regain control of your domain. Ask Yellow Pages to do this for you first. Call and request a “change in the Administrator and Registrant emails” to your own email address. If they refuse to make this change, stay calm and follow these steps:

  • Make certain that the information your domain carries matches yours. Though the email may not, make certain that the phone/address and name do. All things being normal, they should all match, but even if they do not all match, at least the name and one other backup piece should. If they do not match, contact Yellow pages. They most likely will get it updated since it does not give away their control over the domain.
  • Take a photo of or scan the back and front of your driver’s license.
  • For a business domain, take a photo of or scan your Articles of Incorporation or any other applicable business registration documents.
  • Send us an email or give us a call. Tell us your situation and explain you are a customer of Yellow Pages. We have gone through this same process with a lot of clients…so we know what to expect.

We normally will ask for the above-mentioned documents to verify if you indeed are the owner of the domain. This process usually takes about 1 to 4 days to do. While this long wait may seem frustrating, it is a necessary step as it guarantees your own protection as the owner of the domain.


Whether you are starting up a new website or you successfully talked Yellow Pages into giving a copy of your website, you will be needing a new host on the web. Regardless of your choice, and while taking into consideration your budget, make sure you have your it up and ready for the introduction of your website. Again, we can help here.


Once the preparation of the web host is complete, you have the choice to either upload your site – if successfully gotten from Yellow Pages – or create a new website. A initial placeholder containing your contact information will be the ideal way to start while the website is being built.


Unfortunately, your email goes down when you move your domain from Yellow Pages since it is connected to your domain registration. What you will need to do is to create email accounts on your new hosting account, set up your new email accounts on your devices – phone, tablet or laptop, and then, migrate over your existing email.


By the time you finish setting up, checking and making sure everything is in order, your hosting company should have gotten back to you. Your email address should already be updated for the domain, and hopefully they will have made available your transfer authorization code or EPP code. These steps will guide you through the transfer process.

  • Ask your hosting company to change the nameservers, if they can, for you. Normally, your new web host must have provided you with nameservers for your hosting account. If so, then submit them to your hosting company and ask them to relocate your domain to the host with the nameservers.
  • Begin the transfer once the nameservers have been updated, via the company you wish to register the domain through.
  • Confirm the domain transfer. An email will be received at the address you provided your hosting company with. This email will require that you confirm the transfer. Usually, the confirmation link will be present which you will need to open. Failure to confirm might cause the transfer to fail. So, you have to check your inbox frequently to avoid missing this email!
  • After performing all the aforementioned steps, all you need to do now is to sit back, relax and be patient. Usually, a successful transfer can take anywhere from an hour to five days depending on the amount of data and/or information to be transferred. Once the transfer has been successfully completed, an email will be sent to you.
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