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It’s time to up your marketing game. Pandemic has hit every small business hard. Knowing how to maximize your strategy, without having to add extra time or effort, is essential. But, you also don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel. There must be simpler steps to take towards your goals! What are the key elements of a long-term marketing strategy?


Many new social media sites are popping up, and your brand needs representation across all of them. It can get overwhelming quickly to try to handle all of your social media marketing on your own. Don’t be afraid to find a social media specialist who can make sure that your brand is represented across all media options. Your brand identification needs to have the three S’s: It should be Solidly defined, Similar across all media types, and Specialized to the audience you are targeting.


While produce doesn’t matter if it’s organic, for marketing, those who organically talk about you, search for you, and look you up are always your best bet. They’re already interested in your work! These folks are known to be the best long-term customers. You want most of your search engine optimization to happen organically, which means some of what you might have been taught about SEO in the past needs updating. An organic SEO strategy will help you avoid buying leads, which can have negative long-term effects on your business.


You can’t get very far in marketing without knowing what your competition is doing. Having excellent competitive analysis is critical to know what other businesspeople in your field excel in. You need to be able to know what they are doing well, and poorly, to be able to analyze what you are also doing well, or poorly. You want your pricing, messaging, and social media to all be the best possible, and better than your competition.

Making a long-term strategy will be worth your while and save both money and effort over time. Having a clearly defined brand that is represented across all social media. Using both organic SEO and a good analysis of your competition can help you move forward with confidence. After finding your target customer audience and working to build that relationship with them, you’ll feel confident that your customer base will stick by you, even in pandemic.

We can help you to develop a SEO strategy that is perfect for your business. Contact us to get started!


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