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Website Features That Will Help You Connect With More Customers

With the rapid boom of digital shopping and business moving more virtual in the wake of COVID-19, having a website that works well and allows you to connect with your customers is even more vital than ever before. There is a never ending list of things you can do to improve your website, but there are some things that will make it easier to connect that you should be prioritizing now, if you haven’t already.


Live chat is becoming an online staple, and is great for not only educating customers, but also for helping them deal with challenges. Live chat often looks like a normal messaging service. But unlike sending a text or a Facebook message, your customers will get an instant response. This allows you to satisfy any concerns or questions quickly without disrupting the customer journey. Live chat is also equipped to monitor the tone of a conversation, allowing you to appropriately respond when a client is frustrated.


It is no secret that mobile phones are a huge part of life now. More than half of all web traffic today is coming from mobile devices. This makes your mobile-responsive design a huge part of your success when it comes to customers. Google gives more weight to websites that convert better. You also look more authoritative and professional if your website is optimized for mobile use. People often look up businesses they are interested in while on the go. How your website responds can make the difference between a customer making a purchase and choosing one of your competitors.


Once you’ve hooked a customer, you want to hold on to them, and social media is a great way to do that. Using social media properly allows you to keep customers up to date on new products, promotions, and industry-relevant news. Including links to your social media on your website is important to converting a customer from a one-time purchase to a loyal follower. It can also introduce your customers to your brand and promote social sharing for your blog articles and products.

Your website is a powerful tool for increasing communication with your customers and growing your digital footprint. Make sure you are investing in your web design and features. Keeping up with the latest tools means you won’t fall behind your competitors and lose out on important customers.

We can help your website to look professional and attract the customers you want to have. Contact us to get started!


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