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Congratulations! Whether it is your first or your 1,000th customer you have successfully done business with them. Now what? First, you must realize that you never completely finish doing business with a customer. Why? Because the feedback and continued interactions you have will determine the future of your business. Below are “3 R’s” that will help you continue conversations with your customers.


Think about it, people surround themselves with people that are interested in the same kinds of things they are. If an individual does business with you, the likelihood that their network would likewise be interested in doing business with you is very high.

The challenge many businesses face is gaining access to a customer’s network. A customer will feel protective of their network if they do not feel like they have developed a positive relationship with you. When asking for customer referrals, do it in a way that makes them feel like their time is appreciated and valued. This can be accomplished through offering discounts and incentives, personalizing your referral request, and following up with the original customer after you have communicated with their contact.


Reviews are one of the most powerful ways to convince a customer to use your product. No matter how savvy your presentation, if other customers have not voiced their approval, it is unlikely new customers will have the confidence to do business with you.

Additionally, one of the major benefits of SEO is that reviews are what encourage and drive traffic to your site. Collecting reviews will put your website at the top of search results. The difference in five-star vs three-star and mediocre reviews will be the “x-factor” in determining future business transactions.


Reviews cover a customer’s experience in doing business with you, while revisions cover what a customer would suggest doing in the future. Every individual wants to feel like their voice has been heard. When you apply suggested revisions, you increase customer loyalty and their likelihood of coming back in the future. This is an excellent opportunity for you to receive and implement honest feedback that will improve your method of doing business and make you more desirable for continuous transactions. 

Once you have developed an ongoing conversation with your customer, you can congratulate yourself on your growing customer base. Remember, you never completely finish doing business with someone. When you sincerely ask for a referral, review, and revision, they actively look for you to adjust your practice accordingly. Following these “3 R’s” makes it easy for you to increase a loyal following in your customer base and opens the door to endless opportunities with future transactions.

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