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Every second of every day, 40,000 people search for something on Google.

Google Ads are, by far, the number one source of paid advertising on the internet. And if you don’t show up on Google when people search for what you’re selling…well…you may as well not exist at all.

If you’ve tried learning Google Ads…you know it can be extremely difficult and confusing.
When you choose us to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns, we optimize your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns to see the most results, within your budget and to outperform your competition. Guaranteed.

We don’t waste your money on needless trial and error because we already know what works and what doesn’t work.
We’ll fix your account structure, evaluate your keywords and look for better opportunities, design compelling ads, and more.

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Every day there are more than 3.5 billion searches per day on Google. For this reason, Google Adwords / Ads can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant, qualified people to your website when they’re searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

What are GOOGLE ADS?

Google offers advertisements which appear in their search results on the Google.com. Google Adwords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform….i.e. for each time an ad is clicked, you’re charged. Advertisers can bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results.

Our Google Ads Service Includes:

month-to-month no contracts

Don’t be sucked into long term contracts with other companies. We have to prove ourselves every 30 days to keep your business…and that’s the way it should be! If we’re not doing our jobs or getting results, you can walk away with no questions asked.

custom monthly reporting

Our reports are updated weekly, and include 7 day, 14 day, and 30 day comparison views. We’ll break down quality scores by account, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. We also dive into search terms, ad position, and keyword performance by phrase length.

landing page consulting

Getting clicks on your Google Ads are only half  the equation. These clicks need to turn into revenue, and your website landing pages play a huge role. If your website….errm….really sucks, we’ll tell you (politely, and with solutions).

highly TARGETED ppc ads

We know how to create and optimize targeted campaigns to reach your intended audience. Don’t choose just  anyone to run your Google Adwords campaigns. We’re recognized by Google as an accredited Adwords Partner.

a BUDGET-CONSCIOUS methodology

It’s very easy to drop a lot of money very quickly on Google Ads. If you’re not seeing results from your paid campaign efforts and you feel like you’re just washing money down the drain, it’s time to call us. Today.

ROI placed above all else

We put your return on investment at the top of the list of everything we do. Our Google AdWords management company has worked with clients in all industries, helping them reboot their paid campaigns and turn them into profit-making machines.

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