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Effective Social Media Marketing in Jacksonville

Step up your social media game with Kris Chislett Design, a leader in social media marketing Jacksonville. Our targeted strategies on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are tailored to connect with the Jacksonville audience, enhancing your brand's visibility and engagement in the local community.

In a World of Generic Messaging, Your Brand Deserves to Stand Out.

social media marketing jacksonville

Looking for a comprehensive social media marketing Jacksonville agency for your social media management and advertising needs?

You’ve landed at the perfect spot!

At Kris Chislett Design, we know that effective social media marketing isn’t just about likes. It’s about aligning social media efforts with your business objectives. Consider us not just a service provider but an integral part of your team.

Whether it’s maintaining engaging, trustworthy content or driving customer interaction, we’re here to assist. Our data-driven approach and expertise in design and branding ensure your social media presence is consistent and impactful across the web.

For a tailored solution that fits your specific needs (like posting frequency, channel management, content strategy), contact us at (904) 472-1727 or complete the form on our page. Let’s make your social media strategy a success!


Planning to Succeed

Before initiating any social media marketing Jacksonville campaign, it’s crucial for us to thoroughly comprehend your business or marketing challenges, target audience, goals, market landscape, and other vital data. This deep understanding enables us to craft a robust and effective strategy tailored to your specific needs.


Designed to Deliver

Most businesses, regardless of industry, will eventually need to enhance communication with their clients and prospects. Effective social media marketing Jacksonville is the key, but it must be executed correctly. It involves crafting the right message and ensuring it’s backed by clearly defined objectives, ensuring that every social media channel is leveraged to its fullest potential.


With You Every Step

We meticulously track and manage your analytics and data daily as part of our social media marketing Jacksonville services. Our goal is to provide you with clear, easy-to-understand reports, ensuring you have the necessary tools to understand your customer demographics, their origins, and the significance of this data. This approach is essential for identifying areas for improvement and refining your social media strategy.

social media marketing jacksonville

Partner with a Team that Truly Cares About Growing Your Business.

Our team at Kris Chislett Design skillfully crafts purposeful marketing campaigns, utilizing top-tier tools and technology for social media marketing Jacksonville. Choosing us means partnering with a team rich in digital marketing knowledge and expertise.

Opting for our services is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time social media manager. With us, you gain access to photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, and creative directors, all working to deliver a consistent and engaging user experience.

Ready to Find Out What Makes Us Different?

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Why Choose Kris Chislett Design for Your Social Media Marketing?

Content Designed to Be Shared

The content we create and the pages we design as part of our social media marketing Jacksonville efforts are tailored to align with your brand, ensuring a professional and cohesive appearance that synchronizes with your other digital assets. Additionally, we meticulously manage all the behind-the-scenes aspects of your pages, ensuring everything functions perfectly.

Monitoring & Management

As part of our social media marketing Jacksonville service, we diligently monitor your accounts for comments and messages, responding in a timely and appropriate manner, just like an extension of your team. Our commitment includes creating engaging posts with relevant, original content to keep your social media presence vibrant and fresh.

Focused on Return of Investment

Prioritizing your return on investment is our top focus in social media marketing Jacksonville. Kris Chislett Design has extensive experience working with diverse clients across various industries, helping them revamp their social media campaigns into effective profit-generating tools.

You Talk, and We Listen

Based in Jacksonville, FL, our social media marketing Jacksonville expertise has a strong local emphasis, yet our reach extends nationwide. Understanding our clients’ business objectives is our first step. Every decision we make is aligned with these goals. We listen attentively to your needs and then contribute our innovative ideas for improvement.

We Quantify Our Success

Through visitor tracking, our social media marketing Jacksonville approach enables us to measure success and discern the effective elements of your campaigns from those that need improvement. Monthly reports are diligently prepared and emailed to you, and we ensure a thorough discussion of the results to keep you informed and engaged in the process.

A Long-Term Relationship Focus

At Kris Chislett Design, our social media marketing Jacksonville efforts are centered on your long-term success. We’re not here just for short-term gains; our goal is to build lasting relationships and genuinely contribute to your growth.

social media marketing jacksonville

We are “Only In Duval”

social media marketing jacksonville

Many companies are very good at “talking the talk” about digital marketing.

They spend their time planning meetings, holding seminars, and preaching the positive benefits of a robust and well-developed social media account/campaign for their clients … but can they actually deliver results and “walk the walk”?

We are the creators of Jacksonville’s popular Instagram and Facebook page: “Only In Duval.”

We built Only In Duval simply as a creative outlet and watched it grow organically from there. The account has quickly become (with very little ad spend) one of the most dominant social media accounts in Northeast Florida. The brand has now expanded into selling custom shirts, stickers, bags and hoodies, and generates an increasing stream of revenue from sponsored posts.

So, when you’re considering which social media agency you’re going to choose for your company … make sure they know how to practice what they preach.

website design jacksonville fl
social media marketing Jacksonville

One agency. All your online marketing solutions.

Some businesses take off like wildfire. It may seem like fate, but in reality, it’s the result of precise digital strategy. At Kris Chislett Design, a leading Jacksonville web design company, we know that innovative website design is the kindling, custom content is the oxygen, and strategic ad management is the gasoline.

Our team of talented marketing experts at Kris Chislett Design skillfully puts all the pieces into place, executes targeted digital campaigns, and ensures you get noticed online. Your success is our priority, and we are the catalyst that ignites results.

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Years of Combined Experience

We’re a U.S.-based team of digital marketing masters, specializing in website design and turbo-charged campaigns that help you stand out even in a crowded market.

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Custom Websites Launched

Our work is custom, not cookie-cutter, because we care. We produce top-tier websites that showcase your business and motivate your audience to take action.

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Monthly Client Marketing Spend

We eat, sleep, and breathe ROI, putting you front and center in the online marketplace. We’re not happy unless every dollar you spend has a measurable return.

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Really Happy Clients

Thanks to our extensive in-house capabilities, we’re able to develop unique, coordinated solutions that serve clients nationwide, big or small, across a range of industries.

Strategies That Click, Results That Stick


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Every business should have a strong online presence. If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table and sabotaging your own success. That’s where we come in. Let us help. In the ever-changing digital landscape, our coordinated marketing solutions help businesses navigate through the chaos, position themselves for success, and emerge as industry leaders.

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