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Every business knows that they need customers to stay operational. Given the number of businesses that had to close last year due to a lack of customers, it’s something that surviving businesses are painfully aware of. It’s not just enough to keep new customers coming through your doors though. You need to take action to retain them and keep them from slipping away too.


An engaged customer is far more likely to return to a business than one that isn’t. Keeping them engaged means you’re more likely to come to mind when they need something you have to offer. There are multiple ways you can engage your customers. Using social media as a business can be a great way to get conversations going and connect with your customer base. You can use it to share news, inspiring content, and information relevant to your business, brand, and customers.


Social media isn’t just good for engaging your customers though. It can be a great opportunity to advertise to them as well. Considering the billions of people that use it regularly, social media gives you a great opportunity to go where your customers already are to target them with your marketing messages. Include links to your website so it’s easy for them to find you from your ad. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices to capitalize on this. More than half of all website visits happen on a mobile device. If your site is awkward to use on a smartphone, don’t expect people to stick around for long.


Every business makes promises of one kind or another. Not all of them deliver on those promises though. Make sure your business isn’t one of them. Take a look at your business and what promises you’re making to your customers. Then, look closely at what your customers are experiencing to see if you’re actually delivering. You may find customer surveys to help determine this. Design them in ways that encourage an improved response rate so you can get the information you need from your surveys.

Keeping your customers from slipping away is important for any business that wants to be around long term. You can improve your retention rate by taking steps to keep them engaged, target them where they already are, and making sure you’re delivering on your promises. As you take these steps, you’ll be doing your part to stay relevant and in the forefront of your customers’ minds while creating circumstances that encourage them to return.

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